Saturday, December 29, 2012

Behind on Posting Due to a House Full of Illness...Catching Up!

This house has been full of illness, Flu and Upper Respiratory Illness and Sinus Infection. ARGH. I still have gotten a few things done and I am going to make one large post regarding them. I just want to catch up so I can keep going...LOL

First of all, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!! Boy it got here fast and then was gone even quicker, Yah?

Here are some of the last minute items I was able to finish for gifts for Christmas, and some items I received as gifts from swaps and such. Enjoy!!

Finished the pillow to go along with this little doll quilt for a cousin.

Wall quilt for my  mother for Christmas! Looks to me like a winter forest..LOL. she loves it. I also made a couple of mug rugs using the trees (forgot to get a picture of them.).

This is all the wonderful items I got in a Secret Santa Stocking Swap. I especially love the pincushion with the bag hanging off it for scraps. The pins and safety pins will come in handy especially since I needed more of them...LOL. Thank you Barbara Smythe for my wonderful gifts.

Sweet Skating Sue Mini Wall Quilt Swap. Inst it wonderful!! These were traded on the Quilting Gallery
 I was ill when mine got sent out and we forgot to get a picture. Unfortunately, my partner didn't receive hers so I'm currently whipping out another one to send off to her. I hate when things go missing, don't you?

Thanks for looking, Ill have to get a post up on my progress with Easy Street!

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