Saturday, December 29, 2012

Behind on Posting Due to a House Full of Illness...Catching Up!

This house has been full of illness, Flu and Upper Respiratory Illness and Sinus Infection. ARGH. I still have gotten a few things done and I am going to make one large post regarding them. I just want to catch up so I can keep going...LOL

First of all, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!! Boy it got here fast and then was gone even quicker, Yah?

Here are some of the last minute items I was able to finish for gifts for Christmas, and some items I received as gifts from swaps and such. Enjoy!!

Finished the pillow to go along with this little doll quilt for a cousin.

Wall quilt for my  mother for Christmas! Looks to me like a winter forest..LOL. she loves it. I also made a couple of mug rugs using the trees (forgot to get a picture of them.).

This is all the wonderful items I got in a Secret Santa Stocking Swap. I especially love the pincushion with the bag hanging off it for scraps. The pins and safety pins will come in handy especially since I needed more of them...LOL. Thank you Barbara Smythe for my wonderful gifts.

Sweet Skating Sue Mini Wall Quilt Swap. Inst it wonderful!! These were traded on the Quilting Gallery
 I was ill when mine got sent out and we forgot to get a picture. Unfortunately, my partner didn't receive hers so I'm currently whipping out another one to send off to her. I hate when things go missing, don't you?

Thanks for looking, Ill have to get a post up on my progress with Easy Street!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Stuffs

There was a discussion recently about what a scrap was. Some people stated that their scraps were made up of things from fat quarters to 2.5 in pieces. Most said they don't use much less than 2 in pieces for scraps. Me, well, I use everything. All those threads and trimmings and such that most just trash into the trashcan and then take out with the trash, I keep those. Yes, I really do. I use them to make pillows or stuff ornaments like this little tree here. It is stuffed full of batting trimmings, block trimmings, strings. Anything, that most would call trash, its stuffed into this little tree. I was able to make over 45 of these ornaments using up two FULL ziplock bags of trimmings. Not a bit of quilting goes to waste in my house...LOL.

The next item I finally got finished is this Christmas pillow.  I could have made it with strips of fabric, but I had been gifted these fabrics in 2 in blocks. I sewed them all together to make a throw pillow.

I also made this table runner using up some o those 2in blocks, then pulled the burgundy fabric from my stash. This will look perfect on my Christmas dinner table. Once I get it decorated Ill have to come back and post a picture of what it looks like. I'm so excited to finally get going on some of my Christmas project. Better late than never, right???

So what are you making this Christmas season??

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Easy Street - Step 3

I managed to get this step completed. I procrastinated this week. Don't know why, but I did...LOL

I used greens in the place of Bonnie's Blues.

I also cut two 3in green blocks to make 4 triangles. Did you remember?
Here is a pic of all the little parts so far. I cant wait to see what this turns out looking like.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Part Two - Easy Street Mystery

I am actually keeping up this year with the mystery! Last year I got so frustrated on some of the steps that I just had to put the mystery away. Took me almost a year to finish Orca Bay! Not this year! I am bound and determined to get every step completed in the week it is presented. So with all that said here is the pile of my 2 x 3.5 in Flying geese. Where Bonnie chose to use purples, I have chosen blues!

Below is one each of the geese and the fabrics I chose to use. Don't they all look nice together?

I also cut the 64 2 x 3.5 black and white rectangles that Bonnie said would be used for the part 3 of the mystery and put them away with the other steps.

I am just about out of black and white fabrics for the background, so will have to go scouting this next weekend for more of them. I had hoped to not have to shop, but well shopping for fabric is what we quilters do, right?

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