Saturday, January 5, 2013

Look What is Finally Going to Get Wired

My Grandmothers sewing machine.

This one apparently didn't have any decals.  You can faintly see the word Singer on the arm.

It is from 1947. I found out it was made during the 160th Anniversary of Singer Sewing Machines. I am so happy that I can finally send this one out to be rewired. I am so looking forward to sewing on this again!!! It drives like a dream.

Look at this pretty plate on it. Actually, there are several more, but I didnt get pictures of all of them.

Only problem I see is that the lid of the table droops down, it does not lay flat. I'm not sure how to fix that.
If you have any ideas on how to fix this issue with the table, feel free to message me.

Im wondering too if this machine can be used on a treadle. The motor looks like it can be completely removed. It sure is different for the things we purchase now a day, huh?


  1. I have my mother's old Singer from 1949. It's the only machine I use (except if I have to go somewhere to sew and then I have a Singer Featherweight). The fold-out table on my mom's cabinet droops a little, too. These days it rests on a desk that is the perfect height to keep it level (which means I have a few drawers nearby). Before I had the desk I was very careful not to put extra weight on it. It's possible that the little arm under the table has been bent down a little. I don't know if it could be repaired, or maybe you could get a new one (if that's the problem). Oh, it will be such fun for you to sew on your grandmother's machine! Happy sewing.

  2. I know it would ruin the look slightly but (in Australia) you can buy a curtain rod thingy that you can put up in a cupboard for hanging and that you can take down when you move. If you put one of them at the end of the table and then adjusted it to the right length you might be able to prop the table up.
    Otherwise you are going to have to replace the hinges as they have been stretched.
    Hope you can get it fixed so that you can use it as I am sure it is a lovely machine to sew with.