Saturday, January 5, 2013

Easy Street Without Borders

I'm not sure but this mystery seems so much bigger than Orca Bay. It feels massive,but is going to be wonderful to snuggle under once finished!! Truth time. When I first put together one of each block, I was not liking this mystery at all. I felt a bit dejected. If it had not been for another lady showing a picture of what part of hers looked like, I think I would have dragged my feet to finish this. I was loving what hers looked like, so I pushed forward and am quite happy with the way this came out. I am actually loving it.

I have now completed two tops and one quilt of Bonnie's design and I just love everything Bonnie does!! Thank you Bonnie Hunter for all your share with us. You have a fabulous, giving spririt. I am so glad I found you two years ago. You inspire me!!

You can find the mystery clues on Bonnie's Blog. Be sure to grab them in the next couple of months cause she wont keep them up forever. 

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