Friday, March 9, 2012

Beefing Up My Stash

A member of our guild passed away and the family wanted her quilty family to have all of her sewing stuffs. Oh My Gosh, She had so much stuff. I think she was a quilter for over 50 years. We have all taken what we wanted and there is still three full bookshelves, 50 bolts of fabric and sewing notions of all kinds. We decided that it would be used up with our charity quilts.

I have to show you what I ended up with. I just picked up 1 bag and three of the smaller boxes.

One box is completely full of Black and White fabrics. From sizes of 5 in all the way to 1/2 yard pieces.

There where 15 red fabrics probably a half a yard each.

These 4 sweet little blue fat quarters.

All these Strings.

A Dollar General bag full of 1.5in pieces...YES!!

All these nickles.

There are these sweet blocks. I think they are a form of Log Cabin.

These two stars.

These three ready made star blocks

Im not sure what these are called but are all 30's fabrics.

Red Diamonds, All different shades.

And lastly, these blocks. I think these would make great pillows.

I also picked up 7 pillow forms and 8 large spools of thread for piecing, and 18 large spools of 40 weight quilters thread. My head is swimming with all the fun I can have with these fabrics....Whew!!


  1. Wow what an amazing haul! It's amazing all the bits and pieces people save. Some people now could only imagine having a stash like that. Looks like you won't need to buy any fabric for a few years =D

  2. WOW! I can't believe there was anything left after everyone got done picking with all that greatness you scored. God bless your guild friends soul!

  3. How lovely that her family wanted her quilty friends to have her things, and that you all are going to make some charity quilts with a lot of it!

    I am coveting those log cabin blocks. I have a "curved" log cabin test piece that I did a couple of years ago that is going to be a full quilt one day. I LOVE the way the curved log cabins look!

  4. I'm sorry for the loss of your fellow quilter, so sweet of her family to share her things like that. Looks like you got some really fabulous and fun things!! I am esp. in love with those 30's print four point stars..? I don't know what they are called either, but what a gorgeous quilt they would make!

  5. It is good to pass things on. Too many familys have no idea what to do with stuff and throw it away it will be nice to use the stuff to pass on to future generations.

  6. Wow....she must have been an avid quilter and you will all find much pleasure from her fabrics.

  7. You are so blessed! That was so nice of the family.

  8. I believe that those stars are called Periwinkle stars.