Saturday, March 3, 2012


Its yardsale day again hosted by Bonnie Hunter. This has become a once a month thing on the first Saturday . Postage is not included so please email me with your zipcode and I will figure postage for you and send you a request for payment through Paypal.

1.  I am clearing out some stuff starting with these Fabric Flags. A neat way to keep up with how much yardage you have of one fabric. I cant use these because of the way I store my fabric.  $2.00 Sold

2.  This is a corner marking tool. A great way to make sure your corners are perfect. $2.00 Sold

3.  Magic Star Rotary Cutting Template. This makes some really cool stars. $10.00

 The unique new way to make perfect eight point stars with NO raw and easy!! Comes with two unbreakable mirrors and ultra fine point turners.

4.  Love and Laughter Pattern by Friendfolks. Finished size is 20" by 27".

5.  Mini Iron. This was only used once, and I am so used to the iron I was already using that this has just sat on my shelf. $12.00

 6.  This is just a cut little sewing kit, never opened. perhaps someone has a child that is just learning to sew. This would be perfect for them. $2.00

7. Large Priority Box of Scrap material. $25.00 Sold

8. This one originally was 19.95. Will sell for $5

9. The original price for this was $29.95. Sell for $8 Sold

10. Sell for $3.00

11. This one was originally $13. Sell for $3.

8.  I also have some shirts I need to get rid or that are just sitting here. I need to dig them out. Ill post shortly.

Everything payable by Paypal, You may email me at . Be sure to include your zipcode so I can check shipping cost. Ill get back to you as quick as I can. Thanks for looking. Ill add more things as I find them.

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  1. I'm interested in the box of scrap material. Is it all cotton quilting fabric?