Saturday, February 11, 2012

Celtic Knot

I have been trying to find the different quilts I have made over the past few years so that I could take pictures of them to show here. I want a way of remembering all the hard work. Here is a Celtic Knot that took me a year to piece. Every block is 2.5 inches. I used a dark blue, light blue, two blacks, and several whites or white on whites.

This quilt is a king size. I have only one wall that I could hang this on to get a picture, but due to furniture, etc, I could not take a straight on picture. Wish this was better so you could see it better.


  1. Love the Celtic Knot quilt! Is that correct ... each block is 2.5 inches? Wow no wonder it took you so much time, that is alot of work!

    Enjoying taking a look around your blog.

    warm quilt hugs, sue in CA

    1. It's gorgeous! Love it in the blue's. I must make another in blues too. I have another niece that has drooled all over the one I did before in purple and greens. This niece wants one of these's are her colors. Excellent job on yours!!

  2. Wooow, a very nice quilt...and i love the colours....wonderful!

    Hugs Klaudia (Germany)

  3. nice job genevive!!! gorgeous colors! i am starting a new one next week and still working on my color choices ;o)

  4. My top is finished but not yet quilted. I did mine in reds, greens, and a consistent gold floral for the accent. My squares were 2.25 inches, which gives me a very generous queen size. Love yours in the blues!

    Donna D., Hemet, CA