Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Giveaway

I noticed that over night I went from 18 followers to 21 followers. Thanks so much!! I was thinking the other day that if when I got to 20 followers I would do a give away. What you think? Want to win something? What could I dig out to give away?

I went digging in my stash and I came up with these cute Safari fat Quarters. There are 5 of them. I have had these sitting in my stash ever since I started quilting. My daughters first quilt she made used these.

These and many other fat quarters were purchased for .99 when one of the two quilt shops closed down. This is how I built my stash at the beginning, thanks to specials she was having. I look at my fat quarters now and remember the fun of digging through the fabrics looking for things to use. It was hard for me because I was just learning to put fabrics together to use and learning to quilt all on my own. This was 2 months after my husband had double bypass surgery and he was off of work for 4 months. He was driving me crazy and I needed an outlet. Funny thing is I had not touched a sewing machine since I was a young child. I think I was 8 and Mom helped me make an apron...LOL. Remember that project Mom???

Sooooo in honor of a 3 year anniversary of my Husbands successful heart surgery and so many wonderful people following my blog already, I am giving this fabric away. I think it is appropriate that I choose to do this on Valentines Day!!

Leave me a comment and share with me something wonderful about your true love and any quilty things you might have made for them. I will do the drawing on Friday, February 17th!!

Thank you again everyone for making this blog thing worth it!!


  1. My Husband is my rock. He is always there to encourage me, especially when I get down on myself, because something I am "trying" to quilt is not working out.

    I recently made him a T-shirt quilt (my very first quilt) and when I was just not sure about it the way it looked, he was there to push me on. All and all the quilt turned out wonderful and my Husband loves it.

    Jennifer Bachman (sweetness29157@yahoo.com)

  2. My DH is a wonderful person. He works 50+ hours a week at a job he hates, and then comes home and cares for all my fiber animals, so that I can be 1500 miles away and taking care of my mom. For my birthday last year, when I was out of town, he went to a lqs that was closing an dbought &80.00 worth of fq bundles at .99 a bundle.

    I haven't made him a quilt yet because he always 'runs hot'. I have sewn him clothes, (shirts and pj's mostly), but have embroidered his name on his work shirts.

    Donna (fuzzyacres1@msn.com)

  3. My most recent quilt project was a rag quilt I made for my son's graduation from college. I made it in turquoise flannel fabrics as his birthday is in December and that is his alternate birthstone and favorite color. I also embroidered the quilt label with the name of his college, graduation date and "made with love, Mom" signature. He loves it!

  4. My hubby & 2 boys are my special people. Each woke me yesterday with kisses and Happy Valentines Day! I overheard my eldest reminding my hubby to buy me flowers for Valentines. Then the other kept giving me little kisses during the day. He was home sick :-).
    I never got the flowers cause they all looked awful, so I got chocolates instead. Yum, Yum.
    Congrats on your blog, I was so excited when I got to 20 last week.
    Please check out my giveaway for 20 as well.

  5. My husband is my hero. If it wasn't for him, I would not have anything. I gave him my first quilt called Journey. I'd love to win this fabric! Thanks!
    Nancy R. nrowe0203@yahoo.com

  6. My dear sweet husband totally supports my love of quilting and gives me the freedom to do what I want when it comes to quilting. He is the first person to love me for who I truly am as a person. Last year I was still married to but separated from a man I had been married to for 22 years that had abused me both sexually and emotionally and made me feel so low about myself it has taken some time for me to come out of my shell again. I sometimes wait to be told I can do something when I don't have to now because I have the freedom of his love to do what makes me happy. My true love has worked with the worst of the worst in the Texas Prison System so he can relate to what my ex put me through all those years. I can honestly say now that I only stayed for the sake of the kids which in the end hurt them even more so now is me and my new husbands time. We just went to the JP and got married and had a small reception at my Mother-in-Laws house. He is truly the love of my life and treats me like the Queen in his world so what more could I ask for really. For the first time in 21 years I got a Valentine's gift from my husband and it made me feel so special. Love, true friendship and happiness are the best things in this world. Quilting comes in right behind the most wonderful man in my life I have to admit. My husband looks through some of my patterns and says this would look great in this color or that color you could do that and he is serious. Well I have bragged enough about my wonderful man but if you want to know more just contact me and I can tell you lots more.

  7. Well, my true love took a while to find... after a marriage of 18 yrs failed, and another couple of years just trying to figure out who the heck I was again. He is my biggest supporter, my shoulder to cry on, my Lighthouse in the storm and the love of my life. Sometimes the waiting is worth it!!
    Congrats on reaching your first goal on your blog!! I'm sure that you are going to reach higher now :-)

  8. congratulations on 3 year anniversary of your Husbands successful heart surgery! The gift of a new life is wonderrul


  9. First off, Congratulations on your husbands healing from heart surgery..
    I know how it is as our youngest daughter had open heart surgery twice.

    My husband is the love of my life, he lifted me up when I felt like giving up after being deserted by my ex boyfriend, he accepted my two children as his own, he lends a helping hand to anyone, just the other day he gave a lady $20 because she said she needed to make her hotel payment and was short $20
    I am in the process of making him a quilt with Parrots, since our last name is Perritt.
    He helped me heal emotionally from the deaths of my first 3 children, whom I was still grieving when we first met back in 1981

  10. Since this is my really busy season at work, my husband often takes over some of my home chores at this time of year. This morning he surprised me with the sweetest valentine ever (both of us were crying). Then he had a nice dinner fixed for me when I got home late tonight.

    I haven't made any quilty treats just for him. But my holiday wall hangings are for the whole family to enjoy.


  11. My hubby is my eyes for quilts. When doing a planned color and pattern, He has the ability to pick all the fabrics for the quilt. I can't picture the fabric in the pattern style. They have always come out beautiful.
    I am in the process of making him another DUDDER BLANKIE. I always consider them a QOV as he is a disabled veteran.
    Love the quilt you have pictured....... Susan

  12. My husband is my best friend and soulmate. We went to high school together, and hung around in college. We then went separate ways. After twenty years, we both moved back to our home town, and ran into each other.
    That was 10 years ago. We went out on a date, and have
    been together ever since. We married 9 years ago. He
    is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan. Last year, I started
    a quilt for him. In the center square, is an applique
    of the Cardinals logo of the "Birds on the Bat"; on
    the surrounding squares, I am embroidering team stats~~
    years they have won the world series, players names, etc. Hopefully I will get it completed someday soon!
    He completely supports my quilting/fabric habit. Once
    he accompanied me to a quilt store, and decided he would
    go in. He saw a rotating cutting board that I had been
    telling him about, when he saw it, he commented, "Look
    at this it's like a little football field; green with
    yellow markings." You could hear all of the other ladies in the store giggling. He then immediatey said
    "I think I am going to wait in the car, you just take
    your time, and get whatever you want." I think that he
    is pretty amazing.

    I like your blog! congrats on getting more followers!