Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hey there!!

Welcome to my yardsale. I am adding things as I find them, so please come back and look over the day!!

Bonnie Hunter is hosting a yardsale linky party and plans to offer them once a month. So in the future if you have any quilty items you want to sell, check on her site for the info about any upcoming yardsale's.

Email me at if you are interested in buying any any of my yardsale treasures. Please include your zipcode and whether you would like media, pacial post, or priority mail and I will figure shipping accordingly. Also include your paypal address so that I can send you an invoice once I figure the totals. Please feel free to email me as well with any questions.

Thanks for looking!

So lets get to it!!

Note: The blocks below are not new made for this, these blocks are swaps I did about 4 years ago and they have been just sitting. I thought since I havent done anything with them, I probably wont in the future so decided to offer them here. I tried to charge by the amount of fabric that was used in them and then cut down the percentage.

1. 12.5 in Scrappy Bow Tie Blocks. There are 12 in this set.  $10  Sold

1. 9.5 in blocks. These have all Spiderman centers with 2 in borders. There are 17 of these blocks. $12 Sold

3. 10 in H Blocks. There is a total of 14 of these blocks. These are all pastels or 30's fabrics. $10Sold

4. This one originally was 19.95. Will sell for $5

5. The original price for this was $29.95. Sell for $8

6. Sell for $3.00

7. This one was originally $13. Sell for $3.

8. These are sets of ABC blocks. Each set has the full alphabet.  6.5 inches. 
Each set is $5 or purchase all 6 sets for $25. All 6 sets have been sold.


  1. I'm wondering, do you have a list of what the Alphabet blocks are? and does the $5 include shipping?

  2. What size are the H blocks and what would it cost to send them overseas? Thanks