Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bow-tie top, Sewing Machine Cover, Halloween Mug Rug

Here are several items I have been able to finish over the last few days. 

Here is a pic of the Bow-tie top I finished. This was inspired by Bonnie Hunters Cheddar Bow-Tie Quilt.

Here is a sewing machine cover, much need. Now I need to make another one for the new sewing machine I just acquired...more on that in another post. 

Mug rug made with the scraps left over from a Halloween quilt I'm working on. I try to use up as many bits and pieces left over from all my projects. Always in need of mug rugs...LOL.
 Here is the back of the mug rug, or it could be vice versa.

1 comment:

  1. Love the bow tie quilt and your machine cover looks terrific. I need to do that for mine.

    Isn't it great to use those small scraps for mug rugs? Great idea.