Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friendship Embroidery Swap Recieved and 3-D Bow-ties

 I got this sweet little mini quilt in the mail today. I joined in the Quilting Gallery's Friendship Embroidery Swap about a month ago. I showed you in this post the one I made for my partner. This one is perfect to hang in my living room. Lynette Rolston sent this beauty all the way from New Zealand!!

 Lynette also sent this candy, the coconut block is to die for!! She included a beautiful fabric pack.
Thank you Lynette, I love it all!

Many of you probably know about the year long project Bonnie Hunter had going last year with her Chedder Bow-ties, right? Well I made a bunch of 3-D bow-ties as my project. I pulled them out today and started working on making the center part of the bow-ties into cathedral windows. Bonnie's bow-ties measure at 3.5 unfinished. Mine measure 6.5 unfinished. 

These are a few of them that are finished. I have a ways to go with them. Bonnie inspired me to pull them out and get them finished. She has been sewing her's together for the past two days and was determined to finish them today while she was on QuiltCam. 

I cant wait to get them finished and figure out how I am going to put the quilt together. I am thinking I will sash them as they are way to cute by themselves. Ill just have to see how many I have. Bonnie now has a bunch of blocks (9 bow-ties to each block) made and plans to lay hers out to see how she wants to put the blocks together.

The backing for my dads quilt is also made. The quilt, batting and backing are all laid and ready to pin. I didn't feel up to pinning it tonight. I will get done tomorrow and then sewing machines will get moved around so I can begin to quilt this massive thing. It is going to take me a while...LOL. I am determined tho to FMQ this myself! I shall prevail.

Hope you are sewing your hearts out as well. Later.

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