Wednesday, October 24, 2012

UFO's to complete by the end of 2012, Can I do It?

Building Houses from Scraps 

Well I have completely forgotten about these. I have about 30 of them done, then life got in the way! I have some major catching up to do with this. I really want to finish this by the end of the year like the plan says.  Anyone else doing these tiny houses?

So another UFO to knock off my list.

I am hoping by the end of the year to complete these UFO's.

  1. Crabapple quilt FMQ'ed, bound and given to my Dad.
  2. Bow-ties, top finished, FMQ'ed,  bound and used as a throw in my living room.
  3. Pink baby quilt, FMQ'ed, bound and possibly given to a baby at Christmas
  4. Baby boy I-spy quilt in camoe fabric, top made, FMQ'ed, bound and delivered to the new mom.
  5. Halloween quilt, Top finished, FMQ'ed, bound and put away for next Halloween. 
  6. Cousin's Queen Wedding quilt finished, FMQ'ed, bound and given.
  7. Building houses from scraps quilt, finish squares, complete top.

So now these are in writing for the whole world to see...LOL. I will get these done, not necessarily in this order. 

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