Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jumping Back in With Both Feet!

Well, lets see, how long has it been since my last post? a bit over 4 months. No excuses but to say LIFE sooooo got in the way of sewing. I left you last with being grounded from sewing because of my shoulder. Good News, the shoulder is much better and shouldn't hinder me anymore. From the shoulder, we rolled into a major medical issue for myself, along with a force move. Just a mess!!

We are settling into our new home and I am set up to sew. I have a few items to share with you, will get pictures up tomorrow. Most of y projects have been items I can sew on by hand. I have gotten a baby quilt and pillow made, need to get it quilted tho.

Orca Bay is FINALLY in the assmbly mode. Never thought it would get to this stage, but I was determined to get it finished before Bonnie releases her new mystery on Black Friday. I think she will give out the fabric requirements late Oct. YEA!! Cant wait to see where she will take us with the new mystery.

Anywho, I will get some pictures up tomorrow and hopefully will get back in the habit of posting to my blog daily or at least every other day.

It is wonderful to be able to sew on my machine and just in time for the holidays.

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  1. Glad to see you back hon! Take it easy, and you will be back in no time!! HUGS