Thursday, January 5, 2012

366 House Quilt - AKA Leap Year Quilt

While looking through blogs the other day I ran across a sew along with Jeanneke at Building Houses from Scraps . All the information you need to do this sew along is there. Dont worry, she has all the posts in english. All the files are on the left hand side, just scroll down to the English one.

Here are the little blocks Ive been able to get done. Im behind by two...LOL

I have 4 blocks done of the New Years Eve Quilt I followed HERE . This one again is by Ann Smith.

I picked out these fabrics cause they were the only ones I had enough yardage of in my stash. Im not impressed with them, but my mom LOVES them. So perhaps a Birthday quilt for my mom...hmmmmmm.

I have also finished an I Spy quilt. I followed this Tutorial . I've only completed part of the Stitch in the Ditch. Been sewing it with my standard machine. Whew, how hard it is to get a quilt through its opening. I hope to have this completely finished soon.

Im continually working on Orca Bay by Bonnie Hunter , but Im so far behind. Ive been having trouble getting the QST's to the correct size. Ill just keep plugging along, eventually ill get it finished.

Thats where I am today!!

Tommorow I may work on making a cover for my sewing machine. This is a challenge in one of my swap groups. I really need a cover, so I am glad to see the challenge.

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