Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Eve Quilt

Tada!! Here is the finished quilt. I myself am not sure of the fabrics but my mother loves it. Thanks Ann Smith for a wonderful quilt yet again!!

Im not sure how to finish it. What color boaders to use or should I just leave it as it is without any borders? I guess I am going to have leave this one out and stew over how to finish it. I am pretty sure I will be able to finish this one myself by stitching in the ditch. The finished size without boarders is 50x70. I would greatly appreciate some ideas. Thanks.

Here is a better picture of the fabrics.

This is also a finished Thursday and Friday goal during a Stitching Bee here at Yahoo Group Stashbuilders . Saturday and Sunday I will be working on my fathers quilt. More about that tomorrow.


  1. Oh, that is beautiful! ok so you have a red/burgandy, a pale blue, cream,salmon, sage green in the colors right? The top looks"busy" yet you don't want to take away from that with a print. To me that would be to busy, yet you really don't want to border with something on the dark side as it would make it look smaller and busier. Why not border with a medium gray or a sage green? And maybe only about 1.5-2 inches? That middle fabric in the 9patch could be your corner stones/squares... I would love to see the finished pic whatever you decide.
    That was a long winded idea....

  2. Wow, your Quilt is beautiful! i'm starting to ready myself already, so i can participate next year:) 2013 is going to be lucky!
    Thanks for sharing, i am INSPIRED!
    Happy New Year to ya'll

  3. I would use that sage green, or something a close as you can fine, for an inch breaker border, then end with a burgundy border and bind in sage.