Friday, January 27, 2012

Below you will see my very first attempts at Free Motion Quilting. Remember back on January 7th, I shared with you about  the sites that where doing FMQ alongs. Well I have been procrastinating for weeks now and finally took the plunge. After a few starts and stops these are what I finally came out with. There is much improvement yet to be had. 
This is my attempt at Stippling. This is the front view.

This is the back view. 

See those places where I put the word "here"? Those are places where my machine skipped stitches. I don't know why that happened and hoping someone will have a suggestion on how to fix it.

This one is my attempt at circling around everywhere. It is horrible.

Here is the view from the backside.

I have alot of practicing yet to do to make these two presentable. I will be taking the lessons slower that they are actually doing on the two blogging lessons. I am having trouble getting my head, hands and foot to all go at the same speed and where I want them to do...LOL So back to the sewing machine I go.

Hope you are having better luck than I am!!

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  1. some skipped stitches can be fixed by using a needle with a bigger eye like one for jeans or topstitiching.