Monday, January 23, 2012

Crabapple Top Finally Finished - Yeah

Well its official. I finished my Bonnie Hunter Crabapple quilt. Those little 1.5 in pieces where tough for me until I figured out my problem. I didn't have a true 1/4 in seam. Ugh. So had to go back and resew alot of these. But that is all behind me now...woohoo.

 My Dad's jaw completely fell to the floor when he saw what I made...LOL. A true mind blowing reaction!! Wonderful!! Without further ado, here it is...

I have to find me a reasonable Long Arm Quilter to get this finished.

This is such a beautiful quilt. I am going to have to make myself one. I have to thank Bonnie Hunter for coming up with this beautiful pattern. It fits our family both in beauty and in storytelling. You can find this quilt in Adventures with Leaders and Enders .


  1. Beautiful quilt! I am also hoping to make this one. Gotta finish a couple of WIP's first, including Orca Bay.

  2. Congratulations!
    I hope the next one goes easier for you.
    this is also on my to do list.
    did you make it by using it as a leaders and enders project in between other project?

    Happy Sewing

  3. Beautiful quilt! My friend and I got to see Bonnie's at a Guild Meeting she visited last year and thought it was amazing, so it's on my long to do list! Great Job.

  4. Yes, that quilt is really beautiful and one I want to make too. I've just finished Rick Rack 9's from one of Bonnie's books and it turned out very nice too....gone to it's home in northern Manitoba to keep a niece warm.
    Thanks for showing us your great project. Dianne in BC

  5. It's a beauty! How nice that he was impressed!

  6. I love it...I have one just like it. Isn't it great when people love what you make them!!

  7. Great quilt. So happy your Dad loved it. I'm about to start one for myself. Sandi

  8. It's so pretty & I hope you find someone to quilt it soon so your dad can snuggle up in it! That one is on my "to-do" list, like so many of Bonnie's other quilts.
    I also like your houses from a few posts back.

  9. You have done a wonderful job on this crabapple quilt. It's on my list to do some day. But, I have a LOT of scrappy quilts to finish before I start something new! Well, I'll probably start a few things but I'm trying not to!